Friday, March 10, 2017

Our RACE sentence starters
Hello Families,

I hope you’re all doing well!  This week in 4W has been FANTASTIC.  We were all extremely motivated by our theme in literature this week which was Greek Mythology, and we engaged in multiple stories about various myths.  Our anthology story this week was titled Hercules’ Quest, and students analyzed the text to understand character traits.  With these character traits, students pulled evidence from the text to support their answers, and composed a well written RACE to further explain specific traits that made our character Hercules memorable.  I was so proud of the class, they have really come a long way in working independently with this skill.   Students also read a Greek Mythology fable, which we used to compare the different genres and author’s purpose. 

Working with supplementary angles
In math this week, we wrapped up unit 6 in math.  This unit focused on 4 main concept areas.  Students continued to work with strategies for division and partial quotients, expressed and interpreted remainders, measured angles and gained confidence with protractors, and solved number stories with fractions.  WOW!  In class, we approached angles in a variety of fun and engaging ways.  We worked with angles in a carousel (ask your child to explain this), we played angle tangle, and collaborated with partners to draw and estimate angles.  We will have a math review on Monday, and students will be assessed on material on Tuesday.  

Using the chromebooks for angle practice!
In Science, students were introduced to an end of the unit project in sound.  Students will create an instrument in class and be able to demonstrate their understanding of pitch of volume.  We are reminding our class to bring materials in from home by Tuesday, 3/14, so they can start designing their instruments! These will be worked on and presented in the following weeks.  In other content areas, we are continuing with the Midwest Region in Social Studies and have completed our map in class.  Next week, we will fill out a practice map for homework and be quizzed on this Friday 3/17.  Please keep your eye out for another completed map coming home on Monday.  

Looking ahead in the month, our 4th grade class will have their practice MCAS on 3/20 in school on the computers.  We have been implementing practice tests in class throughout our TRI times, so students will have a chance for a “mock MCAS.” Our ELA dates for this test will be April 25th, 26th, and the 27thWishing you all a fantastic weekend and thank you for reading!

Ms. Wentworth :)

Questions for Conversation
1. What is the difference between a complementary and supplementary angle?
2. How do I multiply a fraction?
3. What are some character traits displayed by Hercules? Cite Evidence.

4. What was the difference in the genre between your two stories?

Learning to annotate our RACE
Angle Carousel 

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