Friday, March 3, 2017

Hello Families,

Protractors made to measure angles!
I hope you all had a wonderful February break.  Now as we’re in the month of March, it is full steam ahead until the end of the year!  This week “Read Across America week” was recognized at South School with themed days and a beehive reading one of the many fantastic Dr. Seuss books.  It’s always a wonderful way to have children collaborate across grade levels to discuss literature and engage in a good book! Prior to our vacation week, our students of 4W earned their 15th marble and brought in games for a game day.  We have been working hard to refill our jar and just today, we earned three!  As you can see, we ended our week on a great note.
Creating Adverb mad libs with our teams!
In math this week, we continued to work on our division strategy, partial quotients.  Students also learned how to interpret remainders in number stories.  If you are looking for additional support with how to work with your child on this skill at home, I have linked a youtube tutorial on how to compute using this method. Today, students made their own protractors and learned the beginning stages of how to measure angles.  We used prior knowledge of classifying angles to help identify measurements.  We will continue with this into next week! 

In ELA, students worked in their anthologies with the Narrative Nonfiction story titled The Right Dog for the Job. We compared this text with a Nonfiction we had previously read and looked for differences in the theme, and the facts/details. We also focused on adverbs and integrated these into our writing.  Next week, we will begin our new writing piece which will be persuasive.  We have many talented writers in this class, it will be nice to incorporate this genre into our daily
Collaborating with our groups in ELA
In Social Studies, students began a new region to study, the Midwest!  We began our unit with a brief overview of the states, capitals, and abbreviations.  Students also took notes as they watched an introductory video and learned about the culture, economy, and landforms found here.  Next week, we will dive deeper into learning more about this region of our country.   Thank you for reading and staying involved with our classroom happenings, more to come! Below are questions for conversation, have a wonderful weekend.

Ms. Wentworth :-)

Questions for Conversation
1.       What are the steps when using a protractor?
2.      What is a protractor used for?
3.      Name the states found in the Midwest region.

4.      In the sentence, identify the adverb: The child quickly rode his bike to school.

Celebrating our 15th marble with Game Day!

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