Thursday, November 10, 2016

November 10th

Hello Families, 

Comparing Fractions

As we end our week today, students reflected on the purpose of Veterans Day with our whole school BUZZ assembly.  Our school came together to honor the Veterans and kick off a long weekend with a respectful hour of appreciation.  This event is always a favorite at South School! We began our week by changing seats and experienced working with different students in our room.  It’s always nice to start off fresh in a new spot where you learn to collaborate with others.  On Tuesday, students also participated in mock voting after we researched/read information about the candidates.  With the use of a Scholastic News, students formed their own opinions after pulling details and evidence from our text.  There was an exciting buzz over this topic and it was an enjoyable way to incorporate current events into our day.
We are registered to vote! ;)
 In writing this week, we began typing our Spooky Narratives.  We are reminded that writing is a process and while we are in our final stages, we will continue to revisit our writing to focus on word choice and structure. In Reading, we are learning “fix up strategies” to help us monitor our comprehension in both fiction and non-fiction pieces.  This week, we read a story in our anthology called “Dear Mr. Winston”.  Students monitored their thinking by leaving “tracks” and made inferences within the text.  Students also worked to draw conclusions about our main character based on the text clues. We are continuing to work on our R.A.C.E forms and respond to reading by citing evidence and examples from the text. In Math, our mornings are busy with FRACTIONS! We are working on identifying equivalent fractions by using number lines and fraction pieces to model fractions of equal value.  Today, we built upon this skill and worked on comparing fractions in number stories.  Students learned 3 ways to compare, one being a popular approach which was cross multiplying.  In other content areas, we have begun our Region study in Social Studies. Beginning with the New England region, students will learn the abbreviations and capitals of each state.  By the end of the year, we will have toured each region in the United States!  Students will explore the economy, the land, and the culture in each area.  In Science, we are continuing to learn about circuits, their parts, and building our own working circuit. Eventually, this will end with a grade level project called “Box City”.  More information to come as our unit progresses! 
As the Thanksgiving Holiday approaches, we anticipate an enjoyable Feast here at South on November 17th.  As a friendly reminder, please hand in your yellow feast forms as soon as possible so our kitchen can prepare for our school wide meal next week! Thank you for taking the time to read about what is going on in our classroom. We are always busy learning, and working to make each day a positive one.  Wishing you all an enjoyable long weekend!
Ms. Wentworth

Questions For Conversation

Name one state in the New England Region as well as the capital and abbreviation.
What is one way to compare fractions?
Name an equivalent fraction to ½.
Name three students sitting at your “set”

Planting Garlic

Our friends at Holly Hill educating the class about planting

Thank you 5th grade for setting up the "polls"

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