Friday, November 18, 2016

4W Friday Updates

Gobble Gobble and Happy Friday Families,

With the holidays around the corner, students in 4W spent time this week reflecting on the purpose of Thanksgiving and what we were thankful for.  The class completed a very thoughtful piece of writing where they reflected on their family, friends, school and other areas in their lives that they appreciated.   Earlier today, our school was fortunate to have a presentation by an inspirational speaker, Chris Waddell.  Chris spoke
about his experience as a paraplegic, and inspired all today with his phrase “It’s not what happens to you. It’s what you do with what happens to you.”  This was a very meaningful lesson and reminded us all about the importance of perspective and believing that any challenge can be overcome with the right attitude.  Yesterday, South School enjoyed their yearly feast that was provided to us with the help of our 5th grade peers.  It’s always a fun tradition seeing students dressed in costume sitting down for a “family style meal.”  With book reports due this week, we have sprinkled some presentations into our schedule and as you can see, we have been busy bees.

Chris Waddell
In math, 4W is continuing to work with fractions and learning to relate fractions to decimals.   Students learned the relationship between tenths and hundredths, and used money as well as place value blocks to have a concrete understanding of what each place represents.  This concept can be difficult and if you find your child has some extra time in the car, practicing these on paper or even a whiteboard will help reinforce this skill! In reading this week, we read a story titled Jose, Born to Dance!  This biography was about an inspirational character (which seems to be a common theme this week) who followed his dream to perform in the arts.  Students created their own questions based on the text, digging deeper into comprehension.   In writing, we have been able to access the computer lab multiple times to finish typing our narratives.  Our next piece of writing, which we will start next week will be Expository.  Similar to our narrative diamond, students will use the Expository Pillar to help them organize their writing and thoughts. This week during Social Studies, we began an in class project on the Northeastern Region of the United States.  Students were divided into 3 different focus groups that they will become “experts” in.  These groups consist of land, culture, and economy.  Students are studying these themes
Social Studies "Culture" Experts
though a variety of resources and presenting their information to the class.  Our next unit of study will be the Southeast region.  In Science, students are continuing to learn about electricity, and will be conducting a hands-on activity in class in the upcoming days where they build their own circuit! More exciting news about electricity to come!

As a friendly reminder, next week will be a short week with an early release on November 23rd due to Thanksgiving break.  In addition, our reading program will be taking a three week “pause” so students can focus on a novel study in class.  This means our spelling program will also be discontinued during these weeks and the homework will be altered a bit.  I will keep you updated throughout this time.  Thank you again for reading and enjoy your weekend!

Ms. Wentworth :)

Questions for Conversation:

1.       How would I represent 3/10 in decimal form?
2.       What type of base ten block stands for a “hundredth”
3.       What message did you take away from the presentation this morning?
4.       In Social Studies, what is your topic of study in the NE region and tell me two facts!

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