Monday, September 5, 2016

Welcome Letter

Dear 4W Families,

Welcome to fourth grade! I am delighted to have your child as an important member of our classroom community.  I very much look forward to our time together and want to thank you in advance for all of the support you provide to your child during our academic year.  This blog is to provide you with some general information and to give you a sneak peek into your child’s 4th grade classroom!  


Home Folder: This folder will come home every Monday through Friday. All important notices from school can be found in this folder. Please send any signed forms or notes back in this folder each day.

Email and Phone: If you have a question or a concern that you would like to contact me about and you do not wish to send a note, please feel free to email or call me. That information can be found in the contact information above. Please note, I do not always have time to check my voicemail during the day. If there is something urgent, please contact the secretary, Anne Thompson.

Classroom News :As we progress with the curriculum, I will be sending Friday emails/blog updates regarding important information about things we have going on in our classroom. Primarily this will include academic questions you can ask your child to spark conversation! This is a great way to find out what your child is doing in school and staying current with the curriculum.


Each week, homework consists of reading, math, and spelling. (On occasion there will be also be science and social studies homework to study for upcoming quizzes) You can expect one math link a night reinforcing that day’s lesson.  Grammar and vocabulary worksheets will also be sent home regularly throughout the week, correlating with the weekly anthology story.  In addition, students will receive a spelling list each Monday.  The spelling notebook will be sent home Monday and should be returned Friday.  Your child has attached a spelling schedule to the inside of this notebook that he/she can refer to for nightly assignments.  If you find your child is struggling with homework, please feel free to contact me at

Spelling Schedule
Monday: Print each word 2 times
Tuesday: Write each word in cursive 1 time
Wednesday and Thursday: Put each word into a sentence.
Friday: Pass in journal, prepare for quiz

Classroom Management
Throughout the school year I use a discipline approach to teaching called The Responsive Classroom. This approach was developed by classroom teachers to create a learning environment where children thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. The Responsive Classroom approach teaches children to take care of themselves, each other and the school environment so that everyone can learn and reach his/her personal success. Although this approach encompasses the entire curriculum, there is a discipline piece and a Morning Circle piece; you may have heard your child refer to this as Morning Meeting. There are other positive behavioral approaches in place in the classroom as well. Some include, The Blue Ticket System and The Marble Jar. Please feel free to discuss these systems with your child, as he/she learns more about them and how they work in the classroom.


If your child is not going home his or her usual way, you must write a note letting myself and the office know of any changes. If there is an unplanned dismissal change the day of, please contact the office directly.  That way we can guarantee clear and immediate communication. Thank you!


We love to recognize and celebrate each child’s birthday on the exact day or as close as we can get it.  Of course I want to make students feel as special as I can on their day! Summer birthdays will be celebrated at the end of the year. Due to the new state regulations, students are prohibited from bringing in food to celebrate their birthday. Instead, if you choose to, you could send in something non-food related in place of a treat for your child’s birthday. Stickers, pencils, trinkets, etc., are a welcomed substitution for sugary treats.

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