Friday, December 16, 2016

December 16th

Students playing "Multiplication Wrestling"
Hello Families,

Today, our students began their day enjoying the holiday concert that was performed by the 4th grade strings and the fifth grade band and chorus.  We were so proud of the 4W students who played the strings beautifully, well done!

As the Holidays are approaching, our students are working extra hard to focus all of their energy into their learning. This week in writing, students worked on “hooking” their readers with leads.  This could be done with a question, a statistic, or a fact! We also learned three different ways to revise our main ideas and details.  Students rotated through a writing workshop model in class where they focused on prewriting, drafting, and revising.  I am very impressed with the way students implemented their new knowledge of revising their work and all altered their writing in some way.  We are looking forward to continuing with these pieces into next week. 

Two Methods of Multiplication
 In ELA, we are continuing our novel study on The Great Gilly Hopkins as we pull evidence from the text to support our comprehension.  We are working in reading groups as well as a whole class to generate questions and respond to reading in a RACE form.  In math, we have three more lessons to complete in unit 4 on Multi-digit Multiplication.   In this unit, students were introduced to the basic principles of multi-digit multiplication by focusing on extending multiplication skills and exploring the partial product method.  They used their knowledge of multiplication to find the areas of rectangles and to convert units of measurement!  We also learned a new algorithm for multiplication known as Partitioning Rectangles.  This was a favored method for many and it provided students with a great visual that will eventually help them to understand the process of traditional multiplication. We will have an in class review next week and students will complete an online study guide in class to prepare.  Our test will be on Wednesday, Dec 21. Finally, our most enjoyed area of the week has been Science. Students have had the opportunity to work on their electric houses with their teammates and boy have these projects really developed over the past couple of days.  I LOVE the creativity these students are using to construct these rooms and wire their homes with electricity.  We have many potential architects in this class as well as interior designers, and Box City presentation on Tuesday will be fantastic.  If you cannot attend (busy time of year) be sure to check our blog next week for photographs of everyone’s homes!

As a friendly reminder, next Wednesday, December 23rd will be our last full day before vacation.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend as your prepare for the holidays, and thank you for reading our notes! Below are some questions for conversation :)

Ms. Wentworth  

1.       How can I revise my topic and details to make it more interesting to the reader?
2.       Name 5 parts of an expository piece.
3.       How did cranberries impact the northeast economy?
4.       What is your preferred method of multiplication? Partial products, or partitioning a rectangle?
An Example of a Box City Home.  WOW!

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