Friday, October 7, 2016

October 7

Hello Families,
As the long weekend approaches, you could feel the excitement and energy in the room.  Our class has worked very hard since the beginning of the year, and this is certainly a well-deserved day off.  This week in math we began working our way through unit 2, learning about perimeter and area of squares and rectangles.  We also practiced the skill of identifying factors and multiples.  In this lesson, students experienced how important it was to know their math facts to help them with their daily work.  As a reminder, students can use xtra math online and even flashcards to brush up on these skills.
In ELA this week, we read a fictional story titled the Power of W.O.W and worked on identifying run-on sentences in our reading and writing.  Students also have become more comfortable with the new program’s vocabulary and have been applying these words to their daily work. TRI began this past Monday and it was exciting to see students reading in small groups with their peers! In writing, we are continuing with our narrative stories, learning to add elaborating detail to our setting and character.  Students have been practicing to “show” and “not tell” when adding description to their stories.  It’s thrilling to see a class so enthused about their writing each day, we look forward to eventually sharing their final products with you!
  In science, students have pollinated their flowers, and are next going to harvest the seeds.  This demonstrates the life cycle of a plant as the class observes the changes their Wisconsin Plant goes through.  In class today, Ms. Natale introduced a home project where students design a model of a plant or a bee to illustrate pollination.  This is a creative and fun way for students to demonstrate their understanding of this unit as well as conclude our Botany study.  In addition to this project, the fourth grade class will be taking a field trip to Holly Hill on October 12th to finalize their plant study!
            At the end of each week, I continue to feel proud of this 4th grade class.  I observe students making better choices throughout the day as we are always reminded of our South School motto to “bee kinder than necessary”.  Wishing you all a wonderful long weekend ahead.

·  In writing, how did you choose to begin your narrative?  What is the problem in your story?
- What is the area of a shape with a length of 8 and a width of 6?
·  What book are you reading in TRI? Who is your TRI teacher?
·  What is a factor pair? What are some factor pairs for the number 18?
·  What did you learn about electrical safety? 
Students demonstrate factor pairs in a number sentence.

Our Social Studies Ipads are just about complete!
Upcoming Events
  1. Holly Hill October 12th
  2. Bee Project Due 10/20
  3. Harvest Party October 28th

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